Herefordshire Continuing Professional Development: Terms and Conditions 2017-18


These terms and conditions have been developed to aid in the effective and efficient running of workforce development activities provided by and through the Children and Young People's Partnership Forum which is currently supported by the Local Authority's People's Directorate.

These terms and conditions supersede any previously issued examples, whether verbal or written, that may have been issued by Children and Young People's Directorate. These terms and conditions and take effect from 1st April 2012.

  1. Bookings and confirmations

    1. Bookings by clients must use the official booking system (CPD online) wherever possible (telephone bookings must only be used when it is not possible to use the system)
    2. Fees for the courses must be paid in advance.
    3. Until confirmation the booking will only be provisional and is not a guarantee of a place.
    4. Bookings that are withdrawn are subject to a cancellation policy (see section 7)
    5. Individuals must be named when booking places but substitutes will be accepted (see section 3)
    6. Either party may cancel bookings.
    7. Clients placed on a reserve list must wait until the place is confirmed before attending.
  2. Pre-requisites

    1. Clients must ensure that if a course has pre-requisite requirements that are set out in the course details the proposed delegate must meet these requirements.
    2. The training provider reserves the right to withdraw or refuse a place if the pre-requisites have not been met.
  3. Substitutes

    1. Where applicable the training provider will accept a substitute delegate providing the substitute also meets the pre-requisite conditions of the course.
    2. Substitute delegates names must be provided by prior to the start of the course. This is in order to make necessary amendments to the course materials.
  4. Venues

    1. The training provider reserves the right to change venue from that specified in the course details, and delegates will be informed as soon as is practicably possible of any such change.
  5. Accommodation and travel

    1. CPD online does not cover or reimburse travel or accommodation costs for delegates to and from the event unless specified in the confirmation of booking, such costs cannot be claimed from the training provider.
  6. Price and payment

    1. Courses are chargeable to all clients. However some courses may be subsidised, cancellation fees are however made against the full course costs.
    2. Course fees are clearly marked on all course details and must be paid in full in advance of course attendance.
    3. The training provider reserves the right to change prices from those stated in any documentation but any such change will be confirmed on provisional booking.
    4. Queries regarding fees must be raised within 4 working weeks of the date of the training. If no queries are raised within this time period the original fees will stand.
  7. Cancellation

    1. Whether or not course fees have been paid, cancellation fees will apply once the booking has been confirmed.
    2. If a client has to cancel a place a five or less working days prior to the course, a cancellation fee will be applied (Please see cancellation policy)
    3. If the course price is zero these courses will still incur cancellation fees set out in the confirmation of booking.
    4. Cancellation by the client must be made on they system and only in exceptional circumstance via other means to the administrators. Cancellations are confirmed by CPD online it is the responsibility of the client to check that their cancellation has been implemented.
    5. If the delegate fails to attend the course or complete the requirements of a course (if applicable) the full course fee will be charged.
    6. There may be circumstances where it is not appropriate to levy a cancellation fee. This will be at the discretion of the training provider.
    7. The provider reserves the right to cancel any course in the event of insufficient numbers of delegates to make a course viable. In such cases all course fees will be reimbursed and no cancellation fees will apply.
  8. Force majeure

    1. Where circumstances arise beyond its reasonable control the training provider may suspend or cancel a course. In such circumstances liability will be limited to a refund of any payment made.
    2. The training provider will not be liable for costs incurred by the client although alternative dates may be offered.
  9. Special requirements

    1. If any delegate considers they have special requirements (including dietary needs and any requirements relevant under the DDA 1995) the training provider will try to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate these, however the delegate should contact the authority to discuss these in the first instance.
  10. Equal opportunities

    1. As a training provider the authority has responsibility under equalities legislation.
    2. If any delegate's behaviour is deemed to be in breach of such legislation the delegate will be removed from the course and their behaviour reported to the client.
  11. Right to dismiss

    1. The tutor, on behalf of the training provider reserves the right to dismiss from the course any delegate whose conduct or behaviour is unacceptable or who fails to complete mandatory content of the course.
  12. Health and safety and security

    1. Delegates are expected to comply with all health and safety regulations pertinent to the course. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal from the course and a report being sent to the client.
    2. Delegates must comply with all security arrangements as stated by the tutor.
    3. The training provider cannot take responsibility for personal possessions and delegates should make suitable arrangements to keep them safe.
    4. Course materials given to delegates should be treated with respect. Damage caused by inappropriate behaviour may incur a charge for replacement.
  13. Confidentiality and data security

    1. Delegates must respect the confidentiality and security of any materials given or received in courses (if appropriate). Any personal data received from a client or delegate will be processed and stored in accordance with current data protection legislation.
  14. Copyright

    1. The training provider retains its intellectual property rights on materials produced and given to delegates. The copyright conditions of materials will be made clear on the course.
  15. Terms and conditions

    1. The provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions detailed above at any time and with immediate effect.


Client - Person, firm, company or organisation who purchases a training place.
Training provider - The Continuing Professional Development section of the Children's Trust currently hosted by the Authority's Children and Young People's Directorate and includes both internal and external trainers.
Authority - The Continuing Professional Development section of the Children and Young People's Directorate of Herefordshire Councils in its capacity as administrator of the training system.
Delegate - the person attending the course.

Please note Pricing can be found on the individual event on CPD online, or on the event tariff.